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The Repair Process

Before the repair process.
Before we begin we need you to sign a work authorization form that allows us to work on your car, drive it around the shop for repairs and on the road for testing. This also gives us the ability to process your insurance draft with the least inconvenience to you. We also ask that you remove your personal belongings from the vehicle, especially from the trunk if we are working on the rear. Please also deactivate any alarm systems.


Dropping off your vehicle for auto body repairs.When you drop off your vehicle at either of the two RFCC locations, we will review the work to be done, and see if there might be any other work you might wish to have done at the same time..

RFCC will contact you regularly concerning the progress of your auto body repairs.
Please let us know your preferred method of contact, and how often you'd like to be updated during the repair process, and we'll work hard to provide that for you. Even though it is our goal to keep you updated, please feel free to contact your collision repair estimator at any time you wish.

At RFCC we do our best to prepare an accurate original collision repair estimate.
But they are called estimates for a reason, as we cannot always determine the full extent of the damage until the vehicle is in the auto body shop. Once the vehicle has been disassembled, we will likely need to prepare a supplement. The primary reason for a supplement is hidden damage that is not visible at the time of the estimate. Repair methodology may sometimes change, and parts price increases are very common. We will need approval from the responsible party before we can proceed with supplemental repairs. Both you and the insurance company will be notified. If your repairs are covered under one of our many direct repair programs, any delays should be minimal. However, there can be substantial delays associated with a supplement. It all depends on the responsiveness of your insurance company and supplemental parts availability.

How long will my repairs take?
Repairs need to be paid for before we can release your vehicle to you.We'll do our best to assist you in acquiring payment if your repairs are covered by insurance. If you receive a draft from an insurance company, please hold on to it, as a properly endorsed insurance draft is our preferred method of payment. For deductibles and customer pay repairs, you may charge with VISA, DISCOVERY, AMEX, or Mastercard or write a check for up to $500 with proper identification. For amounts over $500 please acquire certified funds.

If you notice a problem after you have taken the vehicle, don't worry.
As we mentioned earlier, collision repair is a very difficult process. Even though we do our best to avoid problems, they do occur from time to time and you can be assured that we will do everything in our power to make sure your problem is resolved quickly and with minimal inconvenience to you. The most important thing to us is that when we are all done, you are a satisfied member of our outside sales team!

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